Websites: Where Do You Start? (Part 3)

I’ve updated the draft list below as part of the promised infographic (seriously, it took a great deal longer to create than it looks!).

The first step is always to ask:

  • Who needs to be part of this?
  • What are your goals? How do they align with your organization?

After that, step into the circle and start where it makes sense. You might already have certain pieces complete.

For instance, if you’ve already interviewed stakeholders, you can start your content audit, and research your competition. Or, if you’re not doing a complete redesign, you may be skipping this step for now also. Just skip to the step that makes the most sense.

The tasks that are part of each step can sometimes be done simultaneously, or one after the other.

The infographic is in a circle to show that websites are continuously updated. Just because you finish a redesign does not mean the work is complete!

I’d love to get some feedback on this as I move forward in the series, either below or via email.